Author: Jankowiak, A.
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Survey and Outlook for Short-Pulse Schemes in Storage Rings  
  • A. Jankowiak
    HZB, Berlin, Germany
  Whereas the generation of photon pulses in the fs or even sub-fs regime is governed by single pass accelerators, the usage of short photon pulses in the ps to sub-ps regime with high repetition rates up to the MHz level and the very high stability provided by storage rings is still of growing interest. In this talk an overview of schemes to generate adequate phase space distributions of the electron bunches for the generation of short photon pulses is given. In particular electron-laser and electron-electron interactions for slicing , as well as manipulation schemes of the transversal and longitudinal beam dynamics, as low alpha-operation, the variable pulse length storage ring scheme, or two-frequency crab cavities, are addressed.  
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