Author: Leng, Y.B.
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Injection Transient Observation via Bunch-by-bunch Beam Size Measurement System  
  • H.J. Chen, J. Chen, B. Gao, Y.B. Leng
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  A bunch-by-bunch beam size measurement system has been developed at SSRF as a sub-system of 6-dimension bunch-by-bunch diagnostic system, which is an attempt for global bunch information capturing during instabilities by SSRF BI group. The system is composed of direct-imaging optical front-end, high-speed photomultiplier array detector, signal amplifiers and high sampling rate oscilloscope as signal acquisition method. An injection transient process has been successfully captured based on 4-channels signal with strongly bunch position and horizontal beam size oscillation after injection point as betatron oscillation of SSRF storage ring. It demonstrates the bunch-by-bunch measurement capability of the system, which will be used for other fast instabilities monitoring and analysis. Further 16 channels detection using synchronized digitizers and other optimizations is also under developing for high size resolution.  
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TUP1WD03 The Development and Applications of the Digital BPM Signal Processor at SINAP 43
  • L.W. Lai, S.S. Cao, F.Z. Chen, Y.B. Leng, Y.B. Yan, W.M. Zhou
    SSRF, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  • J. Chen, Y.B. Leng, Y.B. Yan, W.M. Zhou
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  BPM signal processor is one of key beam diagnostics instruments. It has been progressing from analog to digital. The current major processors are digital BPM signal processor (DBPM). Except for some commercial products on-the-shelf, several laboratories developed in-house DBPMs for their own facilities. SINAP started the DBPM development since 2009, when the SSRF phase-I has been completed. After years of optimization, the DBPM has been used in large-scale on some facilities, including SSRF, DCLS and SXFEL. At the same time, some extended functions have been developed to meet special applications on accelerator based on the hardware platform. This topic will introduce the development and applications of the DBPM at SINAP, also the future DBPM development for next generation light source will be discussed here.  
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