Author: Prat, E.
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Review of Schemes for Improved Peak Power and Coherence in X-Ray FELs  
  • E. Prat
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  X-ray free-electron-lasers (FEL) are cutting-edge research instruments that produce transversely coherent radiation with peak powers of 10-100 gigawatts and pulse durations of the order of 10 femtoseconds or shorter. Standard FEL facilities based on the SASE mechanism have certain limitations concerning the properties of the produced radiation, namely the longitudinal coherence or bandwidth, the peak power and the pulse duration. In this talk a review of different schemes to enhance the peak power and the longitudinal coherence of FELs will be presented. The talk will cover well-established methods, such as tapering or seeding, as well as other promising but not yet demonstrated techniques, like the high-brightness SASE and some methods based on superradiance to generate terawatt-attosecond radiation. The progress of such schemes will be reviewed and, based on present limitations and challenges, areas for future development will be pointed out. Moreover, we will present how most of these schemes can be accommodated in the design of the next generation of FEL facilities.  
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